Do you want a big adventure? Then our open ocean cruises are the right choice for you. Days or even weeks on the open sea – wind, waves, the boat, and the crew – a real challenge for all mile collectors and adventure seekers. To make sure that you are up to the challenge, we would like to know a little bit more about you. Therefore we ask you to tell us something about your sailing experience and yourself. Before you book an Open Ocean trip, please fill out this questionnaire as comprehensively as possible, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gibraltar – Tenerife

We leave the summer in the Mediterranean to sail into the eternal summer of the Canary Islands. After exploring Malaga, we start directly to one of the highlights of this tour: Gibraltar. Here, the huge bay of Algeciras with its endless number of cargo ships, the famous Monkey Rock, and the huge luxury yachts are waiting for you. After we have looked at everything in peace and our supplies are finally filled up, we cast off and start with a direct course to the Canary Islands. After about an hour, we are in the Strait of Gibraltar and can see not only Tarifa and Tangier but also a multitude of gigantic container ships, which cross this strait as if pulled on a string. A great experience!

With mostly constant northeast trade wind, we are then steadily moving south. First, we reach Lanzarote after a few days. Here we go ashore and get inspired by the volcanic landscape. A bit further south follows a stay on the sandy island of Fuerteventura. Endless sandy beaches and a landscape reminiscent of the Sahara await us.

Before we reach our final destination, we will make a stop in Gran Canaria and explore the impressive dune landscape in the south. Our destination port, “Marina del Sur,” in the south of the largest Canary Island, Tenerife, is now only one day’s journey away. The national park “Teide” and the versatility of this island make a stay of several days recommendable.

This trip is especially suitable for those who would like to gain some offshore experience and many nautical miles.

Route: Malaga, Gibraltar, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife South

Note: Due to weather conditions and corona restrictions, there may be deviations from the planned route. The mentioned ports may not be visited.


Date: 23.10.-05.11.2022
Start: Gibraltar
Destination: Tenerife South
Berth: 990€ 
Single cabin: on request
Bord cash: approx. 300€
Distance: approx. 880 sm

Atlantic crossing

An Atlantic crossing on the trade wind route is one of the highlights of every sailor. When the days become short in Central Europe and often the first snow falls, we say: “Cast off” into the warmth. Following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, we head for the new world with aft winds. In the beginning, you can still see other ships on the horizon, such as a freighter, a sailer, or a trawler searching the fishing grounds far out. But after a few days, it gets very quiet around us, and you realize what it really means to travel more than 2000 nautical miles. Starry nights, strong trade winds, calm, possibly whales, but certainly dolphins are just a few of the ingredients for such a fascinating journey.

It gets warmer every day, and the anticipation of the beautiful island world of the Caribbean rises. Until at some point it is said: “Land in sight”! This saying causes great joy even in times of modern navigation methods.

After the intense and sometimes exhausting time during the crossing, we then relax in Caribbean bays, sip cocktails, eat lobster and discover the island worlds during the last week. The Canaries to the Caribbean – a trip you will never forget.


Date: 21-11.-21.12.2022 On Request!
Start: Tenerife
Destination: Martinique
Berth: 2.950€
Single cabin: on request
Bord cash: approx. 700€
Distance: approx. 2.200sm

Guadeloupe – Azores

With the offshore islands Marie Galante and Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe belongs to one of the most beautiful regions the Caribbean has to offer. After we have rested before the long crossing in Caribbean anchorages and the ship has been provisioned, we set sail heading north-east.

On the horizon, the outline of Antigua and Barbuda slowly disappears, and in front of us lies the Atlantic Ocean with plenty of water in front of the bow.

As for many other Caribbean returnees, our first destination is the archipelago of the Azores. From afar, the lush mountains of this Portuguese outpost can be seen, and for the first time in a long while, it’s “land in sight,” especially Horta, which is a well-known port of call for sailors from all over the world. In the “Peter Cafe Sport,” one exchanges every evening with like-minded people about past and coming experiences and enjoys the company of many sailors.

The Azores invite excursions during the next two days and are a welcome change to the sailing “everyday life.”


Date: New dates coming soon
Start: Guadeloupe
Destination: Azores (Horta)
Berth: 910€
Single cabin: on request
Bord cash: approx. 600€
Distance: approx. 2400 sm

Azores – Malaga

We discover the beautiful island world of the Azores by rental car and on foot.

Uncovering lush, green mountain slopes and the famous blue hydrangea hedges that characterize the landscape.

The traditional architecture of the houses and the view of the Caldera Lakes also make a stay very worthwhile. After stocking up on provisions, we sail off on our last Atlantic leg. Several days of finest Atlantic sailing lie ahead of us, and after the vibrant green of the Azores, the predominant color is now maritime blue. After a last stop at Ponta Delgada, we head for the Portuguese south coast. With good wind conditions, we reach the marina of Lagos after about eight days, and here we rest a little and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and the Portuguese cuisine. After we have stocked up our supplies, we set sail for Gibraltar. The strait of the same name has fascinated many sailors for centuries and is one of the highlights of this cruise.

Arriving in the bay of Algeciras, we moor in the marina “La Linea de la Conception.”

From here, we can walk to Gibraltar and explore the surroundings, including the monkey rock.

As the last leg of this trip, we make our way to Malaga. After filling up our diesel tank in Gibraltar, we leave this impressive bay and drive past tankers, mega yachts, and fishing boats.

After a day’s sailing, we will reach Malaga, our final port of call for this cruise.


Date: New dates coming soon
Start: Azores (Horta)
Destination: Malaga
Berth: 790€
Single cabin: on request
Bord cash: approx. 350€
Distance: approx. 1400 sm

Tenerife – Gibraltar

Fancy a big adventure?

From summer to summer – the Canary Islands to the Mediterranean Sea! We start in the south of Tenerife and take a northwest course to La Palma. After an extensive shore excursion, we leave the Canary Islands towards the north, with our destination set for Madeira. The “flower island” captivates by a hilly and colorful landscape, which can be explored in the best way with the scooter. After our supplies are filled up, we continue towards Gibraltar, which is an absolute MUST for all sailors. Shortly after, we reach our next stop – the bay of Algeciras. From there, we make an excursion to Gibraltar and the famous Monkey Rock.

This trip is especially suitable for those who would like to gain some Hoschsee experience and a lot of nautical miles.

For further information, please contact us personally.

Planned route: Tenerife South, La Palma, Madeira, Gibraltar, Malaga

Note: Due to weather conditions and COVID-19 restrictions, there may be deviations from the planned route. The mentioned ports may not be visited.


Date: New dates coming soon
Start: Tenerife south
Destination: Malaga
Berth: 890€ 
Single cabin: on request
Bord cash: approx. 300€
Distance: approx. 880 sm