In the Mediterranean, the arrival day for one-week trips is always Saturday. First, we discuss the shopping and get to know the ship. While one group goes to the supermarket, the others take over other tasks, for example, those who have sailing skills can help check the yacht. Once the groceries are on board and stowed, we discuss the route options, the weather, sailing skills, and preferences of the crew.

Depending on the sailing area, there are several options to arrange the trip. This includes the island we sail to first, the bay we spend the night in, etc. Basically, we stay in the destination area but decide on the spot and how the route will look. Here, the skipper has the last word since it is also a nautical and, thus, safety-relevant decision.

Only when the safety briefing is completed, the provisions are stowed, and the route is roughly discussed is it time to “cast off”. Since some things have to be done on the day of arrival (as described), we usually cast off on Sunday morning after the first night in the “home port”. This way, even guests who arrive late can come on board without any problems.