If the crew is complete on the day of arrival, a communal cash box is set up into which all crew members (except the skipper) pay cash, or a corresponding app is set up for all fellow sailors. This is common practice in sailing. One crew member agrees to keep the onboard treasury. From this treasury, all communal expenses are paid that have nothing to do with arrival/departure and with the berth/cabin rate.
The standard expenses are food, harbor dues, fuel, deposit insurance, and dining out together. When going out to eat together and grocery shopping, we turn on common sense. If someone wants to buy Beluga caviar and champagne, this will no longer be covered by the onboard cash. A typical shopping list for our trips can be found here.
When going out to eat it can, of course, be that the onboard cash makes less sense and if you order the lobster platter and the most expensive red wine, you pay more accordingly. Depending on the sailing area, the season, and the number of fellow sailors, the amount of the onboard cash varies. You can expect an average of 180 – 250 EUR per person per week. If there is anything leftover, it will be divided accordingly.