Family & Friends

Would you like to spend your vacation with your children on a sailing yacht? Then our family cruises are perfect for you! This is a very special and eventful experience for individuals of all ages and will be talked about for a long time.

We choose the sailing area carefully on these trips so that there is always enough time for swim stops, snorkel sessions, and many onshore excursions. You can either participate in our specially marked Family Trips and share the boat with other parents and children (children should be at least five years old), or you can book the entire yacht and spend the vacation with friends and family. This way, you have the yacht exclusively for you.

Of course, you can also book the exclusive trip without children. We take care of the route, the yacht, and the skipper, and you just tell us where and when to go.

Skipper training

This intensive skipper training is aimed at all those who want to skipper themselves but have not sailed for a long time or who want to prepare for a skipper job. Many of us only sail once or twice a year and simply lack the practice to safely skipper a yacht, especially mooring and anchoring in strong winds. In our skipper training, we prepare you for this and much more. True to the motto: the sailing license entitles you to sail.

Only the most experienced skippers conduct these training sessions, and they will focus on the following contents:
– Mooring/ casting off with mooring lines
– Roman Catholic mooring/dismooring
– Anchoring
– Anchoring with shorelines
– Reefing
– Single Hand Techniques
– Mooring

The maximum number of participants is five persons per yacht. Accommodation in a single cabin


Date: New dates coming soon
Port of departure: Trogir/ Croatia
Yacht: Sun Odyssey 509 & Lagoon 400
Single cabin: 890 €
Bord cash: approx. 220 €


Great events cast their shadows ahead..

We sail with five absolute mega yachts through the dreamlike island world of Dalmatia. Within sight of the Croatian coast, surrounded by countless islands and natural bays, we let the late summer wind blow around our noses. The water temperature still allows a bathing stop at this time of the year, especially on the two regatta days and the side trip to Split. The old town with its countless bars and restaurants is an absolute MUST on this trip and the final evening features an award ceremony, music, and delicious food that will become the best memory of the year. We have booked the following yacht types: two x Jeanneau 57, one x Bavaria C57, and two x Hanse 575.

The possibility to sail on such ships is very rare, and if at all, it is quite expensive. These yachts are fundamentally different from average charter yachts in many aspects. Speed, sailing characteristics, equipment, comfort – everything is in a different league.


“Hanse 575”  (Video)

“Jeanneau 57” (Video)

“Bavaria C57” (Video)


Date: 15.10.-22.10.2022
Port of departure: Trogir / Croatia
Yacht: 2 Hanse 575, 2 Jeanneau 57, Bavaria C57
Accommodation:: Standard berth: 710€,
Single cabin: 1.420€, Deluxe berth: 810€, Deluxe double cabin: 1.790€
Bord cash: approx. 250 €


In cooperation with professional yoga studios, you will experience a great sailing week with daily yoga sessions, and our yoga teachers are looking forward to two sessions a day with you. These take place on the yacht or on land, depending on where we are. We use especially large yachts for these trips so that everyone has enough space on deck.

Be excited about very special yoga experiences in beautiful surroundings. Whether early in the morning or during sunset, the sun salutation gets a whole new meaning. 


Date: 17.09.-24.09.2022
Port of departure: Lefkas / Greece
Yacht: Bavaria 50
Berth: from 820 €
Bord cash: approx. 220 €

Yoga & Gourmet

Sailing and fine cuisine!

We combine all the experiences that come from sailing on a modern catamaran and the culinary delights of selected delicacies on this sailing trip. Every morning you will have breakfast/brunch freshly prepared on board; in the afternoon, we will serve snacks, and in the evening, you will dine in selected restaurants for three days. On the other three days, our cook will prepare dinner for you. Shopping and washing up are not necessary on this trip ;-).
Since our cook is also a certified yoga teacher, we can offer two daily yoga sessions.

This trip is something for connoisseurs and all those for whom comfort is in the foreground.


Date: New dates coming soon
Port of departure: Sibenik/ Croatia
Yacht: Lagoon 400
Berth: from 1.290 €
Bord cash: approx. 250 €


For team-building events, special employee trips, or for training onboard best suited. SSoul Sail organizes the yacht, the skipper, and everything else around it. You tell us when to go, and we take care of the rest.

For larger groups, we organize several yachts and sail together as a flotilla. From pure relaxation sailing to regatta trips with competition character, we are happy to adapt the program to your individual wishes.